Supply power to jacuzzi and garden shed - Electrical job in Chard, Somerset

Job description

I wish someone to supply and install power to a garden shed, ( say supply and install 1 double socket, 1 standard indoor and one outdoor light supply.

There is a distance of about 20 foot from the shed to the house nearest supply.

Also want power of 16 amp supply in powered cable to a jacuzzi, positioned immediately outside kitchen wall near power supply..

Quote from spa supplier:

Your electrician must take the 13, 16 or 20amp armoured supply cable to the site of the spa. There must be around a 2-3m tail of cable next to the spa so that there is sufficient spare cable to pull through the spa cabinet into the control box. The cable terminates at the control box with a normal cable gland into a waterproof enclosure with Live, Neutral and Earth connections. I think there should also be an all-pole rotary isolator switch within site of the spa, but your electrician will know more about the legalities of the installation. He must also be on-site when we deliver the spa to make the final connections.


Feedback for Stevensons

Craig did the job on time and with competence though the required trade certificates never arrived.