Re-roof - Roofing job in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire

Job description

2 storey, end of terrace, ex-Coal Board property, 3 bedrooms. We own the house and are seeking a roofer to do the job as soon as possible. We are likely to want at least one of the two chimneys taken down at the same time and to leave the attic in a state ready for a modest loft conversion at a later date e.g. fit roof lights. There is at least one leak at present, tiles have been replaced several times. There is a small area of what appears to be wet rot that we know of.


Feedback for Complete Weatherseal Solutions

Alan gave a competitive quote so our decision to employ came down to who we felt most confident in. He visited and took a good look at the job. Alan seemed knowledgeable, flexible, listened to what we were thinking and took this into account. He and the one or two lads he had working with him did an excellent job. They were pleasant, kept any mess well under control, kept us informed and discussed what they were planning and even wheeled tiles round to neighbours needing spares. He re-roofed our house, put two roof-windows in, partially insulated it and took down two chimneys to roof height. It became apparent that one of the chimneys was a much bigger job than expected (filled with concrete) but he stuck to his original quote despite being offered extra. Our old and probably very brittle porch roof got damaged by debris from this chimney and Alan replaced the porch roof without fuss and at no charge (with hindsight, we should have offered to pay for materials). The roof has been on nearly a year and there have been no problems. We would highly recommend employing Alan and wish him lots of success with his business.