Leak fixing + shower tray & cubicle replacement - Plumbing job in Bromley, Kent

Job description

  • Bathroom repair
  • Leak
  • Source not identified

Customer description


We are looking to get a job done in our bathroom. There appears to be a leak around the toilet area which has created a stain on our kitchen ceiling below.

We’ve had a plumber come 3 times, with the toilet being replaced the last time around. However the leak is still present and our plumber told us the floor would likely need to be broken to find the source of the leak. The floor is vinyl, covering some old tiles.

We are looking at getting the following work done: - Break the floor around kitchen and shower area (they are next to each other), locate the source of the leak, fix it and redo the floor in the broken area - Replace shower tray and cubicle in the process (as it's old)

The work will be like for like with no change to the bathroom layout.

For the fixing of the floor, we are just looking at getting the base done as we will have the vinyl redone entirely by a local shop.


Feedback for Gill property maintenance services ltd

We used Jhon and his team for a job involving the identification of a leak around our toilet, a shower cubicle + tray replacement and some plastering work on the ceiling of our kitchen (related to the leak). The leak in question is one we had tried to fix a few times before but without success.
Right from his first visit to assess the work, Jhon had found the source of the leak. He also had identified some compatible replacement parts for our shower tray + cubicle which saved us the hassle of doing tiles or flooring work. He also recommended a website where the parts could be bought for much cheaper than Victoria Plumbing (which is where we were initially planning on buying parts).
Work was carried out by a 2-man team, comprised of Jhon himself and Hector. Both were extremely professional and worked fast. I also think the quality of the finish is better than previous plumbers we had used (especially in little things, for instance the silicon sealant). I would definitely recommend them if you’re planning an expensive looking bathroom, the finish won’t disappoint. We also had the ceiling of the kitchen to fix and Jhon worked with our schedule, allowing for a few more days for the joist to dry before closing the ceiling.
Lastly, the final invoice came on budget and as per the initial quote. Highly recommended and will be our go-to person for future work.