Thoroughly check entire roof and make better than good! - Roofing (Pitched) job in Bridgnorth, Shropshire

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    Roofing (Pitched)
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    2069 days ago by pippinkid (5 jobs)
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    Before May or after August
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Job description

Detached 1930's Slate (hipped?) Roof and original cast iron guttering and down pipe.

Have been told by a few people that the house requires re-roofing. I am also aware that woodworm is or has been present in the floor of at least one room of the house (downstairs). Therefore, am concerned that it may also present in the Roof Timbers?

We would like the Roof to have whatever it needs to have done, to safely maintain it's intended purpose. Hence, we are putting our trust and faith in a genuine, professional and trustworthy person to check this and fix it for us.

The guttering and downpipes would benefit replacement (happy with black plastic) as we have at least one split/leak on the guttering, despite a remedial attempt.

We would also like a ventilated partition installed just inside the eaves, all the way around the house. We have Swifts come nest in our roof annually May-August (along with a variety of other birds who also act as rent-free tenants in our roof). We do not wish to stop the birds nesting (we all need a safe and warm home!) but we would like to prevent them from entering into the Loft space itself.

The roof joists (my terminology may be wrong) themselves, jutt out to support the overhanging roof slates (and the guttering is attached to this). We would like a form of preservative for the wood but we would prefer not to install a soffit (?) as this would evict the birds.

Work in the Loft (and a chimney) also sought after if this forms part of the Roofing Service. Ask for details.