Insulation - Insulation job in Plymouth, Devon

Job description

  • Insulate several walls

Customer description

External insulation on bungalow


Feedback for GK Plastering

he came across well on first impression but that soon changed. He quoted me for external insulation and I accepted.

He screwed through an outside light wire after not using the correct fitting that was already on the light that he or his team had taken off; his response to this was that accidents happen and kept trying to blame me for them screwing through the wire. Unfort I had to pay for an electrician to come and make the wire not a fire hazard. Despite the fact Garry later paid the £35, I now have an outside light that doesn’t work.

He also broke some tiles and put a hole in my storage shed at the back of my house and did nothing to fix it. To add to this, there was sloppy silicone work around my front window he did nothing to then fix. The finish on the top coat was poor in roughly 5 areas, when this was pointed out he blamed it on my gutters dripping a little but the marks are no where near where the gutter drips. There is also a sub par finish and missing render on the front of the house which is covered by a lean to, so no dripping there ?? There are also deep trowl marks which he has chosen to do nothing about.
Overall my experience has been very stressful. He has been very rude by text, which I would be happy to send over as evidence if needed. He expressed wanting cash and the fact that I should not have fully paid before I was happy with the job - advice I will be taking for the future after this dreadful job He has also had 3 company’s liquidate

GK Plastering's reply:

With regards to the negative feed back
This is a very unfair assessment of the works undertaken as all work is carried out to a high standard
Mr whitelam & I had several discussions as the job progressed on any issues that arose
At no time did he ask for the job to stop or showed displeasure with the outcome.
We were working around a lot of rubbish general debris which he had assured us would be cleared away before we started.but didn’t

1.the light bracket could not be re fixed with the short screws supplied with light as these would not hold In the insulation so long concrete screws needed to be used unfortunately we must of hit a bit of wire which stoped the light from working we offered to pay for an electrician to fix the light and mr whitelam accepted. He correctly got in an electrician to sort the issue which we paid him
I am not an electrician. If the light still isn’t working it’s down to the electrician
6.As for the liquidated companies Mr Whitelam has no concept of how these came about . I have been in business for 45 years and have worked through numerous recessions. Any self employed person will tell you how difficult this is. I have done the outside of the Jury’s inn Plymouth,Student accommodation unite Alexandra road mutley Plymouth
,The watermark ivybridge
Houses on the dart overlooking the water Dartmouth numerous other large projects. I have worked on hundreds of private dwellings
I know what I’m doing