Leak and tap repair - Plumbing job in Rugby, Warwickshire

Job description

  • Leak
  • Source identified

Customer description

Source of leak possibly identified, please contact to discuss.

Second job is to replace a piece on a kitchen tap

Thank you


Feedback for H.M plumbing and heating services

Didn't keep scheduled appointment. I had carved out a block of time in advance and it was to suit him (the original appointment time was at his request, and had also been changed once by him and I accommodated both times). If he needed to change the time again that would have been fine but he didnt re-schedule by calling me in advance, instead he turned up 1.5 hours earlier and when I said I'm not available now he said "we'll have to re-schedule then". I said "then we will have to cancel completely" and went back to work. It suited him to do the work earlier and he tried to strongarm me with the threat of not carrying out the work today. He then sent an aggressive text message calling me rude when I had just responded factually. We are all working - his job was to provide a service which I would pay for. He didn't do that and he expected me to lose my job to suit him. There are lots of other plumbers who treat customers with respect, I dont see any need to use this person