Refix curtain track - Handyman job in Swindon, Wiltshire

Job description

  • 1-2 fixtures / fittings

Customer description

Fix battens to plasterboard wall, and refix existing curtain track and brackets to same. All materials except fixings to wall will be on site. Track is just over 4m long, working ht approx 3m, good step ladder available. 6th floor flat, unfortunately no working lift at present. Rehang curtains.

Added 1st August, 2022: ----------------------- Appointment to be made with tenant, ideally w/c 8 August


Feedback for P.B Renovations

Salim arrived, when we offered to help him with his kit, due to all the stairs, he decided he would not do the job, got in his van and left. The lack of lift was made clear on the job posting, so should have been already factored in by Salim.

In his favour, he was late through no fault of his own, and he kept me well informed, so that I was able to meet him.

P.B Renovations's reply:

Job posted was for 3 meter curtain track and she arrived with 6 meters of track. And if I didn't do it then she would leave a negative review.
I don't respond well to threats so I left.