Front drive to be paved - Driveways (Paved & Loose Surface) job in Ruislip, Middlesex

Job description

I would like my front drive paved. The rough size is 25ft X 10ft, but this includes a bay window so that needs to be taken out of the total area when calculating. I'm interested in square design type paving and not the usual brick type. There is no drain on the drive, but there is one both sides of the house on th neighbours side - a drain may be going through the formt of the property , but not sure. Also the front was wall needs to be cust down a bit and make good. There is a side wall, which also needs to be made good.

I'm in Ruislip


Feedback for New Design Concrete Ltd

The drive has transformed my house and everyone is asking about it. It looks very different from your standard block paving and is something different.
From the day Ryan came over to give me a quote I could tell he knew what he was talking about and he was very passionate about it. The price was very good too and this is what really sold the job to me.

Both Barry and Ryan are both very hard working and trustworthy people. The put 101% effort into the job with passion and kept me informed of what was happening all the time. They were very punctual and worked to complete the job, even if that meant staying late.
The made sure all the mess was cleaned up afterwards and even came back after finishing the job to alter something. I would recommend New Concrete Design to everyone as they have done a great job, are very professional and their price is very reasonable!

I would say the the concete imprinted drive looks much better than block paving- it's something different and well worth it.

Get a quote and see the samples and pictures you will be impressed.

If you need to ask any question drop me a mail at and I will be happy to help.