Oven check / repair - Electrical job in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

Job description

I have just moved into my new house and upon using my oven for the first time it tripped the fuse box off when I turned the heat on. It does this every time. I had the oven cleaned a month ago but have never actually used it before and am unsure if this could be the cause. I require that the oven is checked to find the fault and a repair is carried out or i'll need to be advised if a new oven is required.

As a second job, unrelated to the oven, I require a shower isolator on/off switch in the bathroom be repaired or replaced because it won't switch off. Shower works fine though.


Feedback for DSA Electrical Installations

I am really happy with the jobs Djafar did diagnosing and replacing the fan element on my Bosch oven and replacing my shower isolator switch. He also did extra jobs such as finding the sensor fault on my external light and tidying up the electrics around the fuse box so I can fit a cabinet over it in the near future. The price for all the work was reasonable and he arrived exactly when he said he would early in the morning. I will be using his expertise again in future and found him to be a really nice, knowlegeable guy!