Cut one tree trunk - Tree Surgery job in St Albans, Hertfordshire

Job description

  • Tree trimming / topping
  • 1 tree
  • The tree is up to 8m tall

Customer description

Hi, I'm looking for a skilled tree surgeon who can cut down one particular tree trunk. There is a tree with many trunks (cca 6in thick) growing from my neighbour's garden. Many of its trunks are overhanging to my garden. Its leaves fall to my garden and make mess. One of the trunk seems to be ill, as it always has yellow leaves… and it grows inedible berries every year which are making a lot of mess in my garden - this is compounded by the fact that my neighbour's shed has a roof which overhangs over to my garden. Which is a different problem. But the impact is that the berries that fall on to the shed's roof then fall into my garden. I have small children so there's a risk of choking and poisoning. There is also another big problem - that one trunk is a bit isolated from the rest and when there are strong winds it's waving so much so I'm afraid it would snap - and if it would, it would fall onto our garage, which has asbestos roof. So there is a huge risk of environmental and health damage. It's just a mess. The neighbour who owns the garden where the tree is growing isn't very friendly. They've cut bunch of other tree trunks that grow from that tree about 2 years ago but unfortunately left that one problematic there. Thanks


Feedback for XL Tree Specialists

Very polite and professional, came on time. Great communication. Did the job effectively and at a great rate. Cleaned up when finished. Can recommend!