Con house in 2 flats - Architecture job in South Ealing, West London

Job description

  • Renovation: Full regulation plans (for builders & building regs)

Customer description

Convert a house in two flats. The loft is converted already, I got 120sqm. Feel free to put any design, I can remove all the walls inside.


Feedback for P+P ARCHITECTS

Cowboys - Wrong application, planning refused, 2 months loss, and Michelle don t want even to alter and resubmit, he ask for more money. I believe he trap his clients and mistaken their applications to have the opportunity to skim them for money more after this. And all of this based on the house owners time loss.


Dear John,
I understand your frustration with the outcome of the planning application and we are sorry you feel disappointed.
Unfortunately, planning rules is known to be subject to the interpretation of the planning officer and it’s not always possible to foresee the outcome.
Our mission is to always achieve the best for our clients and our over 120 successful projects demonstrate this.
It’s not unusual for the planning department to ask for additional information/changes which could require a resubmission.
In this case, as already discussed, the planning system allows for a “free go” for the resubmission, which we will be happy to assist with, according to our original agreement.
For any further information, please email us at so we can identify and clarify things further for you.

Thank you!