Build a feature wall in our office - Carpentry job in Finchley Church End, North London

Job description

We would like to build a similar feature wall so we can put some plants in (like the left hand side of the picture). Our wall is 4 metre wide from side to side and around 2.3 metres high. We don't want such a deep feature wall like the picture, but probably around 30 cm deep.

We are looking for someone who can build this nice and straight, and also paint and make good. It would be good to get a timeframe, and an approximate minimum to maximum price (for labour) to give me a good idea of possible costings before I add you to the shortlist so we don't waste your shortlist money and your time to come to look if this is out of my budget. Looking to start doing this within next couple of weeks. Thanks Don


Feedback for A skillful tradesmen 4 "YOU"

Excellent work for a fair cost. Not only has Sean completed the work to a high standard, but he went out of his way to make sure that even before he started that everything was protected first so no damage could be done to anything nearby or any of the materials. Sean basically helped me create my vision for my modern creative meeting room into real life. He took great care and attention through the project even for the small details, asking me at every stage if I was happy how it was progressing which each step. Sean is very dedicated and was VERY particular to perfect finishing to the mm of every little corner, some may think abnormally so (at least in this day and age its very hard to find people who want to perfect everything for you so you are not just 99% happy but 101% happy). While he was here building the feature wall, he also fixed my other blank wall and its cracks perfectly and painted and sanded everything else in the room to perfection so that everything looked perfect and not just the feature he was working on. I can confirm he is excellent at carpentry, designing and also finishing. Very highly recommended, especially if you need high-end finishing, a guy who won’t cut corners, and if you need a proper well educated English gentleman who will listen to you and understand intelligently what you need to achieve. Highly recommended. Thank you, from Don, Finchley.