Turn a shabby area into slate patio area - Landscape Gardening job in Faversham, Kent

Job description

a very rough outline of what needs to be done......

we have a space outside our back door which is roughly (guessing here)12 foot x 12 foot. at the moment it has a concrete base with loose gravel over the top. we want to change the area and turn it into a patio using midnight blue slate (using 300mm x 300mm)slabs/tiles.

obviously the work needs to be carried out taking into account rain run off so puddles don't form. and i imagine there will need to be a small channel around the edges with small pebbles for drainage (sorry i don't have the proper jargon)

this is the first part of the job

we are also considering having the existing pathway and circular area at the back of the garden (100 x 100) changed but this does not feel so important. we would like whoever comes to have alook at the job to quote on that area too but seperately - if the prices are affordable we would consider doing it all in one go

finaly, if the person who does this is not only an expert in patios/landscape but a gardener too we would perhaps also like to talk about the planting etc

one of the priorities for this job is that whoever comes to have a look at this work quotes quickly and is reliable and honest with us!

thanks so much for your time


Feedback for kentish builder

nick gave us great confidence when he came to inspect the job to give us a quote. not only did he answer all our questions but he was able to talk things through in an easy to understand format!! he seemed to be in control but was also flexible and interested in what we had to say. his quote was very reasonable and he was able to start quickly, which was a little surprising given he seems to be very very busy (look at his feedback). he and his team worked very hard when they were with us, and kept us informed all the way. we are delighted with the end result.

in a nutshell....nick is trustworthy, knowledgeable and experienced. we wouldn't hestitate to use him again. worth his weight in gold.