Building electrics plumbing windows - Conversions - General job in Wakefield, West Yorkshire

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Feedback for Blue Diamond Construction

He did not show up and reckoned he was I'll but sent his inexperienced lackies who did very little except find excuses not to do things exept sunbathing. The fact he was doing another job about the same time as ours explains his lack of showing His excuse for not coming was he was I'll and had to go into hospital he Told so many lies. Even he was splitting up with partner so he was upset over this not half as upset as I was withnthe work he did. The stone work was good but he did not do this it was a stone Mason he knew. I had to pay a builder to put right some of the work he did Then the same builder finished the job The state he left us in I cannot find the words to say how we lived for months till I found a builder who would put right and finish I didn't trust any builder for a while. I would not trust Mark with my worst enemy he is nothing like his profile and he should go to jail for what he did to us.I have 3 disabled people living with me we were confined to one room. How does he sleep at night He should loose his license to build Saying don't touch with a barge pool is to mild I wish I would have seen the other profile as he started with us in the summer so he mustbhave been doing both jobs. We luckily had not handed over all the money so although it cost us more to get job done At least it was finally put as right I just wish I had used the second builder Simon right from the start Avoid this man like the plague