Paint and papering worthing - Painting & Decorating job in Worthing, West Sussex

Job description

  • Interior decoration works
  • 1 room

Customer description

Living room / dining area walls need painting and papering (mix of couple walls of papering, painting, window ledges painting, cracks sanding down having recently been filled). Located in Castle Way in Worthing (BN13).


Feedback for Harvey smith handy man harv

100% Do not recommend this guy for painting.

Extremely poor workmanship. It was so bad that we cut ties early on as straight away alarm bells rang and felt we needed to now hire someone who knew what they were doing and to fix all the mess and issues this guy caused in a short space of time.

Paint on carpet from not masking properly, same on wooden flooring, paint on cables and socket, painted over plastic trim around front door (god knows why), practically zero prep, brush marks, patches missed on wood, uneven filling, unable to cut in, the list is endless.

He even held on to our front door key and suggested he would return it once he was paid and asked to watch me log in to my online banking so he could see me transfer the agreed amount wtf.

To say we are shocked is an understatement, and hopefully he won’t be able to walk into someone else’s home and do the same.

Happy to share photos with anyone if required.