Leak in pipe from meter to house - Plumbing job in Exeter, Devon

Job description

  • Leak
  • Source not identified

Customer description

I received a horrifyingly huge water bill. I spoke to someone at South West Water who said I should get a builder to mend the leak. He came today but said that it seemed to be under the path on my side of the meter but I should get someone to dig the soil out to find it.


Feedback for Arlo Construction ltd

A very quick and efficient job. The builder came on Thursday and found the leak straight away. He came back the next day, dismantled the ramp that was over the leak, dug down to the pipe and mended it. He then filled in the hole, reassembled the ramp and cleared everything up completely. He was polite and pleasant. I was very grateful and impressed, and I have already recommended this firm to someone else.