Putting in a new kitchen and tiling the floor - Kitchen Fitting job in Barking, Essex

Job description

We have bought a kitchen from IKEA which needs fitting.

The kitchen is approximately 3 metres by 3 metres - not a very big kitchen. There is only one plug socket to replace as it is damaged.


Feedback for bestbuilder4you

We are going to have to replace the whole of the worktop as we asked for it to be mitred which they said they could do, but when I came back it was already on and they had not mitred it. They said there was not enough worktop to do that but there was as when we ordered it we specifically tod the man who sorted out the worktop that was what we wanted and he factored in extra worktop for that. Also some of the worktops are back to front. They did not put the intergrated dishwasher in properly and it is still not resolved. They did not cut the units around the pipework so the cupboards are too far out and the worktop does not overhang. Also the time keeping left a lot to be desired. They did not arrive until at least 11 am and usually left by 3 pm. They used too much mastik and my husband at to peel it all off. Also they did not fit the intergrated fridge properly and Kurt did not seem to be able to fit the cupboard doors on the fridge properly.

bestbuilder4you's reply:

this comment should not be taken seriously as the job was finished to satisfaction as we got paid full funds and worked was checked while we was there.any change in the project that took place i.e the worktops were discussed with the client and they made the dicision,the problem with this client is that they wanted the add lots of extras and not pay for them and that is were we fell out.