Patio area required in back garden asap - Landscaping job in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Job description

Needs to be seen - come round and we can have a chat. Let me know when is convenient for you.

Its like an L shaped area that I want to lay concrete slabs on. Approximately 30sqm

I can probably get the concrete slabs if I have to but would prefer a price for materials, delivery and labour - everything all in.

Location is Wyton on the Hill, near St Ives and Huntingdon. Needs to be done by next Friday.


  • The following information was added Saturday, 20th March, 2010 : I have measured the whole area and it comes to 45sqm.

It is also a U shape and not L shaped as I originally described.

  • The following information was added Monday, 22nd March, 2010 : More info: Its a U shaped area and most of it is grassed. All comes to about 45sqm. There is fairly easy access for a van to my back garden door, which leads directly onto the area for the patio. You can back up a van over the curb in front of the house and round the side of the house where the back gate is located. Not sure you will get a lorry down there though.

There is already a concrete footpath, I guess the new slabs will have to go on top the footpath, therefore I guess not much of the grass and soil will need to come up. Another part of the area is also covered in gravel which will all be removed, again no grass or soil to remove there.

I am happy with any cheap grey slabs - 450mm or 600mm, not fussed. Even weathered second hand slabs is preferred if you can get them cheaper.

I need a complete price for doing the lot - removing the grass and leveling off the area, buying and delivery of the slabs, cement and sharp sand and the labour costs for laying the slabs.

Most importantly, I would like it all done by this Friday, as I am having a small shed erected on one corner of the patio area on Friday.

Any other questions, please ring or email me.



Feedback for E & T Property Maintenance

I am very pleased with my new patio. Eric was very punctual - turned up on time as planned and provided an excellent service. The guys were a pleasure to work with and with very reasonable rates. They were very flexible and hardworking and always aimed to please. I have already lined up all my other jobs around the house for Eric and will definitely recommend them to friends. Thanks Eric and Lee, see you soon.