Re-pointing - Repointing job in Mitcham, Surrey

Job description

Arch above front door needs re pointing.


Feedback for A.J.C Property Maintenance and Landscaping

On the agreed day of work to begin Darren called to say there was a problem with supplies and would be unable to attend. I had taken a day off work. The following day was agreed workmen turned up 2 hours late from the agree time.
Darren pointing was appalling not finish well and most of the mortar fell out the following day. He has refused to return my messages. He also said he would provide a receipt and guarantee for the work completed which he has failed to do. This is a young man who boast about retiring by 30. I am a firm believer if you do wrong by people whatever money you gain unfairly will be curse and misfortune will follow you. It does not have to financial.
I would not hire Darren/A.J.C or recommend him he runs a unscrupulous firm use someone else.

A.J.C Property Maintenance and Landscaping's reply:

Some notes that should be took into consideration
1. The pointing was done around a loose doorframe and customer was advised that if the pointing did not withstand the frame keep moving that it would fall out and the frame would have too be re secured or replaced by a carpenter
2. Personally I have not received any contact with the client since compleat ion of the work all work had been up too her standard and there was no problems
3.clients receive there guarantee between 5-7 days after completion in the post never have I had a problem with the system on this occasion the client had not received it and I apologise for that
I am currently going too contact the client and return to resolve this matter