Add shelves and doors and make into cupboard. - Joinery & Cabinet Making job in Loughborough, Leicestershire

Job description

The property is a 1930's ex council end terrace.

A few years ago I had a combi boiler fitted into the kitchen, as well as the hot water tank/emersion/pipework removed from the airing cupboard.

The airing cupboard is a reasonable size and would make a great storage area off the landing.

I would like a couple of shelves adding and it finishing with door(s), I don't know what type yet, just something thats in keeping and looks right, all of the doors off the landing are original 1930's pine, and are hung the wrong way, have artifacts of previous door handles etc, what do they say, full of character? :-)

There is some pipework for the shower which must have access (just in case).

The cupboard contains 2 sections, (1) an exisiting shelf which the hot water tank used to sit on, and (2) a section containing the stairwell rise.

It would be nice to use the space below the shelf (rather than just cover this over), I thought that a good way to use this awkward space would be to make a drawer or similar, so items like loo roll, could be stored and accessed reasonabily easily.

I am open to suggestion as to whether plasterboard and skim is used internally and on an external piece of wall, or whether all timber could be used.

I think I have described the job in enough detail, although may have made it sounded more complicated than it is, it will be a doddle for any competent professional.

I will upload some pictures later and supply some dimesions, but please feel free to ask any questions.

  • The following information was added Sunday, 21st March, 2010 : I have added a pic of the space in question and a couple of drawings i've come up with as possible configurations of doors.


Feedback for Stephen Byrne

Sorry for the Delay in leaving feedback, thought I had done!
This is the second Job I hired Steve to do, and as his previous work, I was 100% happy with the job, he made a really good job of the cupboard and of my request for a pull out drawer that was a triangular shape to accomodate the stairwell. He had all the ideas of how to make and finish the cupboard and all the tools to acomplish this. Good Work! Thanks