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Post a Job

Does it cost anything to post a job?

No, it's completely free to post a job. MyBuilder works by charging the tradesperson a small introduction fee when they are shortlisted for a job.

How do I post my job?

Get started by heading to our Post a Job page. Describe your project in as much detail as possible. A detailed job description will result in more responses from tradespeople.

Please don't put any contact details or sensitive information in your job title or description as anyone using the site can view this section.

After your job has been posted, you can upload images to help tradespeople better understand your requirements.

What happens after I've posted my job?

We review all jobs before they are posted to the site. While waiting for your job to be approved, you can search for tradespeople and invite them to quote on your job. You can also edit your job description and add pictures.

Once your job has been approved, we email relevant tradespeople asking them to look at your job. We will send you an email when tradesmen express interest, at which point you should return to the site and review the tradesmen who have contacted you.

How can I get more tradespeople?

There could be a few reasons why your job hasn't attracted much interest from tradespeople. Here are some suggestions:

Invite up to five tradespeople. Invitations typically get a good response from tradespeople. You can also retract and re-use invitations that don't get a response.

Upload pictures. Pictures help tradespeople assess what you need and whether or not they can take your job on.

Add more information to your job description. Jobs that don't contain much information tend to get little interest from tradespeople. We will automatically re-post your job after 48 hours if you don't get any interest, together with any updated information.

If all else fails, contact us and we'll do our best to help!

How can I request a quote from a specific tradesperson?

The first step is to use our Invite feature which can be found on every tradesperson's profile. We will send the tradesperson an email and they should then get in touch with you. After that you can communicate securely and privately through our built-in messaging facility.

Please note that invited tradesmen are automatically shortlisted and your contact details shared.

How do I remove my job listing from the site?

If you no longer need a tradesmen, you can end your job listing. If you haven't shortlisted any tradesmen, your job will be marked as 'cancelled'. You will be able to re-open your job anytime.

If you have shortlisted tradesmen and contact details have been exchanged, you are not able to cancel your job. You retain the ability to message and hire your shortlisted tradesmen. You can also still decline or shortlist other interested tradesmen.

If you've found a tradesman for your job it's important that you indicate whom you've hired by clicking the Hire button on the tradesman's profile. Hiring through MyBuilder allows you to leave feedback.

Can I post jobs for multiple properties using one account?

Yes. When you post your first job we'll ask you for a postcode which we'll use as your default address. If you need a tradesman for a different property, simply submit the postcode for that property on the post a job form. We will then alert tradesmen closest to the postcode of your job.

Shortlisting tradespeople

What is shortlisting?

Shortlisting allows you to choose and exchange phone numbers with tradesmen who expressed interest in your job.

Do I have to create a shortlist?

You must shortlist tradesmen before you can send messages, hire or leave feedback.

What if I don't want to shortlist any of the tradesmen in my list?

If you don't want to shortlist any of the tradesmen who express interest in your job, we recommend that you search our directory and invite other tradesmen to your job. Out of courtesy you should decline tradesmen you're not interested in. When you decline tradesmen, we send a polite message to inform them.

How do you notify tradesmen of my phone number?

We’ll send the tradesman a text message and an email alert with your phone number.

Can I remove or replace a tradesman from my shortlist?

You’re not able to remove or replace shortlisted tradesmen. If you’re unhappy with any of the tradesmen you’ve shortlisted and you've shortlisted the maximum of 5 tradesmen, you can always re-list your job.

Will you share my number with your partners or marketing companies?

Absolutely not! We’ll only pass your number on to the tradesmen you’ve shortlisted for your job.

Will my number be displayed on public parts of the site?

No - MyBuilder does not display any of your contact details on public parts of the site.

How many tradesmen can I shortlist?

A maximum of 5 tradesmen can be shortlisted for each job.

Hire a tradesperson

Do you have any advice on how to hire a tradesperson?

You might think that finding the best tradesperson for your project will be a challenging process. Which quote should I choose? How can I be sure they'll do a good job? Our Advice Centre  has lots of articles that will help you make the right hiring decision.

How do I indicate who I've hired for my job?

Simply log in to your account, select the correct tradesperson from your list and click the green "Hire/Leave Feedback" button. You may leave feedback at a later date if the work has not yet been completed.

Am I obliged to hire any of the tradespeople who express an interest in my job?

Of course not. Who you hire is totally up to you. We are here to help, and we want to help you find the best tradesperson for your job. If you decide to cancel your job or hire a tradesperson through another source, you can simply end your job.

I accidentally hired a tradesperson through the site, how do I reverse my decision?

This is something that we do from our end. Simply contact us and we will change it for you.


What is feedback?

Feedback is at the heart of the MyBuilder community. Quite simply, feedback is an evaluation of a job poster's experience with a tradesperson. Job posters can read previous feedback comments on each tradesperson's profile, before they hire. More importantly, Job posters can add to a tradesperson's reputation and bring accountability to their project by posting feedback after an agreement has been reached to carry out work.

How does the feedback system work?

Feedback has two important elements: the past and the future. Before you decide which tradesperson to hire, you can look at past feedback to check them out. After an agreement has been reached to carry out work, you can add to that feedback. This system rewards excellent service and punishes bad service. Your feedback closes the loop and give the next customer valuable information about that tradesperson.

A tradesperson hired through MyBuilder has a strong incentive to do their absolute best because they are held accountable for any work they have committed to carry out. Hiring someone through MyBuilder is safer for this reason. Do not use anyone who suggests that you bypass the site. An honest tradesperson who intends to do good work will want your feedback.

MyBuilder feedback is transactional, which means that only people who have actually hired that person can leave feedback on their profile. We work very hard to ensure that all feedback is genuine, which helps everyone using MyBuilder.

I've found a tradesperson through the site and I want to leave feedback. How do I do this?

Great! Simply log in to your account and find the tradesperson that you used in your list. You won't be able to post feedback until you have hired a tradesperson through the site, so if you haven't done so already, click the Hire button on their profile.

Once you have hired a tradesperson, you can then post feedback. You should only post feedback after the job is finished and you are completely happy with the work.

A tradesperson has failed to make an appointment. What can I do?

We're sorry if you've been let down. We request that all tradespeople contact customers in advance if they are unable to meet an appointment. We don't allow feedback to be left for missed appointments but reports are recorded and persistent offenders are removed from MyBuilder.

What's the difference between a client reference and job feedback?

We allow new tradespeople to add two references from previous customers to their trade profile. Each reference is verified by MyBuilder before comments are posted as positive feedback.

Job feedback is an evaluation of work carried out for a job that was listed on MyBuilder. Job feedback can only be left once a tradesperson has been hired through the site and a transaction has taken place. All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks.

How can I be certain that feedback on the site is genuine?

Feedback is hugely important to our Community. It is a valuable indicator of a tradesperson's reputation on MyBuilder - most homeowners depend on it when deciding who to hire.

We obsessively check all feedback

  • Every job is manually screened before it is approved and posted to the site
  • Feedback can only be left once a tradesman has been hired through the site and a transaction has taken place
  • All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks. Suspicious feedback is flagged and investigated thoroughly

Genuine feedback gives our Community the knowledge to hire tradespeople with confidence - those who try to play the system are removed from MyBuilder.

Can I remove my feedback?

If you're not happy with your feedback comment and wish to remove it from MyBuilder, please contact us.

Why has my feedback been removed?

We work hard to ensure that every piece of feedback on MyBuilder has been submitted by:

  • A verified user for a job posted on MyBuilder, before work has begun
  • Someone previously unknown to the tradesperson, unless the tradesperson has previously carried out work for that person through MyBuilder

All feedback comments undergo stringent technical and manual checks. If feedback does not pass our checks to a standard that we can be confident about its authenticity, we remove it from the site.

Disputes and problems

I'm in dispute with a tradesperson, what should I do?

In the first instance you should discuss any problems with the tradesperson directly and try to work out a solution that suits both parties. Most tradespeople want customers to be happy with their work and will be keen to resolve any issues amicably. You should give the tradesperson a reasonable period of time to address your concerns. We recommend you send written communications to the tradesperson via MyBuilder should you ask us for advice later on.

If you are unable to reach an agreement and would like our help, get in touch. In order for us to provide the best advice, you should provide answers to the following questions when you write to us.

  • What happened?
  • How would you like the business to resolve your issue?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What evidence can you send us to support your complaint?

We will normally ask for proof that you have attempted to resolve the matter yourself. Once we have all the facts, we will offer impartial advice on what you could do next.

If work has not been completed to your satisfaction and you are unable to reach a successful resolution, we recommend that you leave feedback. The ability to leave a comment on the tradesperson's profile creates a level of accountability that wouldn't otherwise exist. Tradespeople have the right to reply to any neutral or negative feedback posted to the site.

Additional resources

Read our advice article about dealing with disputes

Do you remove tradespeople from MyBuilder?

We believe that feedback is the best way of holding tradespeople accountable for their work. If you hired a tradesperson through MyBuilder and have been let down, you should post feedback about your experience. In certain cases we also restrict trade accounts if we feel their continued use of MyBuilder may present a risk to other users.

Does MyBuilder offer any kind of guarantee or warranty?

MyBuilder provides a platform that connects homeowners with tradespeople, through the power of genuine feedback. We don’t guarantee or insure work carried out by our members. Warranties may be purchased separately through specialist third parties before work begins if this is important to you.

Many tradespeople carry public liability insurance which covers accidental damage or injury to a third party or their property. Public liability insurance does not cover quality of work. Read more about liability insurance.


Do you vet tradespeople?

All tradespeople have their ID checked and skills evaluated when they apply to join MyBuilder.

Tradespeople who use MyBuilder are subject to continuous vetting by consumers through our trusted feedback system. Feedback brings accountability and transparency to the platform, helping consumers make informed decisions. Feedback can only be left after a relationship has been confirmed through MyBuilder, which combats abuse and fraudulent behaviour.

Our system flags suspicious feedback for a dedicated team to investigate. Fraudulent feedback is removed without delay and persistent offenders are removed from MyBuilder.

If a tradesperson doesn't have feedback, don't be afraid to ask for customer references. We also recommend you read our hiring advice before you choose a tradesperson.

How can I be sure that the tradespeople are qualified?

A tradesperson with valid qualifications, accreditations and memberships will have evidence of this and should be able to provide you with proof if you require it.

Do bear in mind that, whereas formal qualifications can play a part in the hiring decision, other important factors such as MyBuilder feedback, client references, workmanship guarantees and years of experience should also be taken into consideration when making your final decision.

Ask a Tradesman

What is Ask a Tradesman?

Ask a Tradesman is a tool we created to make it possible for users to get great advice directly from expert tradesmen. Once you've posted a question to the site, you'll receive quality answers straight to your inbox.

Will my contact details be displayed?

MyBuilder does not divulge any of your contact details on the site. All your information is completely safe.

We remove any contact details that are included in questions. We take your privacy very seriously, and want you to have a safe experience on our site. The last thing we want is for you to post your details on public view and receive unsolicited calls or spam email.

Do I have to post a job to use Ask a Tradesman?

Not at all - you're free to use the facility without posting a job to the site.

I like one of the answers I got, how can I contact this tradesperson directly?

You'll need to post your job to the website and use our Invite feature which can be found on every tradesperson's profile. We'll send the tradesperson an email and they should then get in touch with you. Once a tradesperson accepts your invitation, you can communicate securely and privately through our built-in messaging facility.

I would like to edit/remove my question, how do I do this?

To edit your question - navigate to the My Jobs tab at the top of the page. Then select the My Questions link from the left hand side. Choose the question you'd like to edit and click the Edit additional info button. When you're happy with the edit, hit the Submit button.

To delete your question completely please contact us.

Do you screen the questions and answers?

Yes - we manually approve all questions and answers to ensure they're relevant and in keeping with our policies.

Why has my question been declined?

We may decline questions for the following reasons:

  • We don’t have a suitable category
  • A question doesn’t look genuine
  • Insufficient information has been provided
  • A question includes contact details or sensitive information
  • We don’t allow job price estimate requests

Liability Insurance

What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance covers any damage or accidental injury to a third party or their property caused by a tradesperson or their employees or their business. It also covers any related costs and expenses such as legal fees.

Public liability insurance will cover a tradesperson's employees from claims made by members of the public against a tradesperson, their employees or their business.

Public liability insurance does not cover claims from the tradesperson's employees or subcontractors for damage or injury; You will need to ensure that the tradesperson has employer's liability insurance.

Does MyBuilder verify liability insurance?

No. Tradespeople self-certify that they hold appropriate and valid liability insurance. MyBuilder is not able to provide any guarantees that the tradesperson's insurance policy is valid or live. You should carry out appropriate checks to verify that a tradesperson's insurance policy wording and indemnity limits are appropriate for the type of work the tradesperson or company states they can carry out.

Why do tradesmen need public liability insurance?

A business that isn't covered by public liability insurance may be exposed to serious financial risk if it was found to be liable to pay for damages or compensation from its own pocket.

What is employer's liability insurance?

Employers' liability insurance is protection from claims from a tradesperson's employees or former employees for injury during their time working for the tradesperson.  Employer's liability insurance is required by law under the Employers Liability Compulsory Insurance Act by any UK business that employs staff or uses labour only sub contractors.


I'm not receiving your emails, what can I do?

In order to get the most from MyBuilder, it's important that you're able to receive our email updates. Unfortunately, some email providers occasionally block our messages.

If you're not receiving our messages, your email provider may be blocking our mail. To help fix this problem, you should add do-not-reply@mybuilder and info@mybuilder.com to your safe senders list.

If you're not sure how to do this, please check your email provider's help and advice section. This will only take a few minutes and helps us to deliver a better service to our community.

How do I reset my password?

You can easily reset your password by email or SMS. We will automatically send you a message containing instructions about how to reset your password.

Can I talk to you over the phone?

We support our Community primarily via email and the help section of our site. We currently don't offer full telephone support. If you need to talk us however, please send us a message including the following information:

  • your telephone number
  • when you would prefer us to call you (during normal business hours)
  • a brief description of your enquiry

We will endeavour to call at your preferred time, otherwise we will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Can I upload an image in PDF format to my job?

MyBuilder only accepts images in JPEG format. Adobe Acrobat Professional will allow you to save PDF files directly to JPEG format. Alternatively, there are a number of applications available from the web that will convert PDF files to JPEG.

Another user has sent me an abusive message through the site. What can I do about it?

MyBuilder is a community site that promotes mutual respect and friendly conduct amongst all users. We work hard to ensure that all content posted to the site is appropriate and in keeping with our policies.

If you happen to be subjected to or encounter such conduct or content, please get in touch. We will do our best to investigate reports and take appropriate action as necessary.

I've enjoyed using your service. Do you accept testimonials?

Absolutely. We're very happy that you've had a good experience using MyBuilder. Send us a message with your comments and we'll post them on the site. Please let us know if you're happy for us to publish your name and/or company details along with the testimonial.

Alternatively, if you'd like to tell us about your experience over the phone, include your number and the best time to call and let us contact you.

Can I send you a suggestion for improving the site?

Certainly. We're constantly updating the site and always looking for new ways to improve our service. Send us a message with your suggestions. If you'd like to talk to us over the phone, include your number and the best time to call and let us contact you.

Why can't I include my contact details on the public parts of the website?

We take your privacy very seriously, and want you to have a safe experience on our site. The last thing we want is for you to post your details on public view and receive unsolicited calls or spam email. 

Is my personal information safe?

Yes, your information is completely safe. MyBuilder does not divulge any of your contact details on the site. All communication takes place securely via the built-in messaging feature located in My Jobs, which allows you to choose who you respond to, and who you want to work with.

Unlike other websites that work on a 'lead generation' model, we do not sell your personal information to third parties, so you won't receive any unsolicited emails or phone calls.

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Contact support