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Post a Job

Does it cost anything to post a job?

It doesn’t cost anything to post a job on MyBuilder.com. We charge tradespeople an introduction fee based on the size of the job that you have posted.

What happens after I've posted my job?

Your job will be reviewed by a dedicated team and they may contact you for more information if needed. Once your job has been approved, we alert local tradespeople who will decide whether or not to express interest. We will notify you by email when tradespeople express an interest in your job. At this point, you can review the profiles and feedback of interested tradespeople and shortlist those you would like to speak to. Contact details are exchanged only when you say so.

Why do I need to verify my phone number?

Once you have chosen which tradespeople you would like to talk to about your job, it is important they are able to contact you. We need to verify your phone number to ensure we are passing on the correct contact details. We will only ever pass your contact details on to tradespeople you have shortlisted.

How can I request a quote from a specific tradesperson?

Use the invite feature on your job page to request quotes from tradespeople in our directory. Invited tradespeople will receive an email and SMS inviting them to view your job post. Other local tradespeople will also be notified that your job has been listed and can show interest, but it’s up to you who you decide to shortlist and contact.

Please note that your contact details are only shared with tradespeople you shortlist - or those who accept your invitation.

Can I post jobs for multiple properties using one account?

Yes, you can post jobs for multiple properties from the same account. You will need to enter the correct postcode for each job you post to ensure it’s sent to local tradespeople.

Can I edit my job details?

You can edit your job description before it’s been approved. Once the job is live you can add information to your description but cannot edit what has already been sent out to tradespeople.

How do I cancel my job?

If you no longer need a tradesperson, you can end your listing from the job page. If you haven’t shortlisted any tradespeople, your job will be marked as cancelled. You can reopen your job if you change your mind.

If you have found a tradesperson for your job through MyBuilder, it’s important that you complete the process by clicking the Hire button on the tradesperson’s profile. Hiring through MyBuilder allows you to leave feedback once your job is completed.

If you have hired someone but the job is no longer going ahead then please contact us and we will close the listing for you.

Shortlisting tradespeople

What is shortlisting?

Shortlisting allows you to exchange contact details with tradespeople who have shown interest in your job. You are able to shortlist a maximum of five tradespeople for your job.

Shortlisting is essential as it allows you to message, hire and finally leave feedback for tradespeople.

You can decline the interest of tradespeople you don’t feel are suitable for your job and we will let them know.

How can I get more tradespeople?

A detailed job description will get more responses from tradespeople. A preferred start date can also help tradespeople fit you into their schedule. Adding more information and photos to your job after it has been posted can help generate more interest.

Invite tradespeople to your job from our directory. Interested tradespeople who accept your invitation will get in touch to arrange a quote.

If your job hasn’t received any interest after two days, we will automatically repost it for you.

Can I remove a tradesperson from my shortlist?

When you shortlist a tradesperson we notify them that you would like a quote for your job. As contact details have already been exchanged, you can’t remove tradespeople from your shortlist.

Will you share my number with your partners or marketing companies?

Absolutely not! We’ll only pass your number on to the tradesmen you’ve shortlisted for your job.

Hiring a tradesperson

Do you have any advice for hiring a tradesperson?

Yes. We have detailed advice guides on how to choose tradespeople and ensure a successful project from start to finish in our Advice Centre.

How do I confirm which tradesperson I have chosen?

When you have decided which tradesperson you would like to carry out your job, click the hire button their profile to notify other tradespeople that your job is no longer available. This also allows you to leave feedback when the job has been completed.

I’ve hired the wrong person, what do I do?

If you have accidentally selected the wrong tradesperson or changed your mind, contact us and we will reopen the job for you.


How does the feedback system work?

Feedback is at the heart of the MyBuilder community. Feedback helps homeowners decide who to hire, rewards trades for good work and holds them accountable for any problems. Tradespeople depend on positive comments to build their reputation and source work through MyBuilder.

Posting a negative or neutral comment can prompt tradespeople into resolving any outstanding problems. Tradespeople can respond to negative or neutral feedback - to put forward their own version of events.

Our system flags suspicious feedback for a dedicated team to investigate. Fraudulent feedback is removed and persistent offenders are removed from MyBuilder.

How do I leave feedback?

Once you have shortlisted a tradesperson, there will be an option on your job to mark them as hired for the work and post feedback when the work is completed.

Can I leave feedback anonymously?

No, feedback is linked to a job posted on MyBuilder so can’t be left anonymously. If there’s an issue you would like to inform us of in confidence, please contact us.

Can I remove or change my feedback?

You can withdraw feedback at any time - just get in touch as this is something we need to action from our side.

If you feel the feedback you have left no longer reflects your opinion of the job, let us know. We can give you the option to resubmit one further comment, if it is within a year of the original review being posted.

Why have you removed my feedback?

MyBuilder aims to keep the feedback system fair and open to people using the site. However, we do have a couple of rules when it comes to feedback being left for tradespeople:

  • The option to post feedback is only available once an agreement is in place to carry out the work.
  • Work needs to have been agreed following a connection made through MyBuilder. It’s unfair to everyone else if the work has already been completed and people then try to post a job in order to post feedback, or if tradespeople ask their friends and family to post fake jobs in order to post a review.

Disputes and problems

How do I report a missed appointment?

We expect tradespeople to treat job posters with courtesy and to notify them if they are unable to attend an arranged appointment. If a tradesperson fails to show up, you can contact us and we will note your complaint internally on the tradesperson’s account. We monitor reliability and persistent offenders are restricted.

I'm in dispute with a tradesperson, what should I do?

In the first instance you should discuss any problems with the tradesperson directly and try to work out a solution that suits both parties. We recommend that you message the tradesperson on the MyBuilder site.  We can see communications between you both and monitor the situation.

Most tradespeople want customers to be happy with their work and will be keen to resolve any issues amicably. You should give the tradesperson a reasonable period of time to address your concerns.

If work has not been completed to your satisfaction and you are unable to reach a successful resolution, we recommend that you leave feedback. The ability to leave a comment on the tradesperson's profile creates a level of accountability that wouldn't otherwise exist. Tradespeople have the right to reply to any neutral or negative feedback posted to the site.

If you are unable to reach an agreement and would like our help, get in touch. In order for us to provide the best advice, you should provide answers to the following questions when you write to us.

  • What happened?
  • How would you like the business to resolve your issue?
  • What have you done so far?
  • What evidence can you send us to support your complaint?
  • What resolution are you seeking?

We will normally ask for proof that you have attempted to resolve the matter yourself. Once we have all the facts, we will offer impartial advice on what you could do next.

Additional resources

Read our advice article about dealing with disputes.

Do you remove tradespeople from MyBuilder?

We believe that feedback is the best way of holding tradespeople accountable for their work. If you hired a tradesperson through MyBuilder and have been let down, you should post feedback about your experience. In certain cases we restrict trade accounts if we feel their continued use of MyBuilder may present a risk to other users.

Does MyBuilder offer any kind of guarantee or warranty?

MyBuilder provides a platform that connects homeowners with tradespeople, through the power of genuine feedback. We don’t guarantee or insure work carried out by our members. Warranties may be purchased separately through specialist third parties before work begins if this is important to you.

Many tradespeople carry public liability insurance which covers accidental damage or injury to a third party or their property. Public liability insurance does not cover quality of work.

Does MyBuilder offer a dispute resolution service?

MyBuilder is a matchmaking platform that brings job posters and tradespeople together. When complaints arise between homeowners and tradespeople we must remain impartial. We encourage both parties to attempt to resolve the matter between them and where an agreement is not possible, we signpost homeowners to specialist organisations who have the expertise to provide further assistance.

Trade screening

Do you screen tradespeople?

All tradespeople have their ID checked and skills evaluated when they apply to join MyBuilder.

Tradespeople who use MyBuilder are subject to continuous vetting by consumers through our trusted feedback system. Feedback brings accountability and transparency to the platform, helping consumers make informed decisions. Feedback can only be left after a relationship has been confirmed through MyBuilder, which combats abuse and fraudulent behaviour.

If a tradesperson doesn’t have feedback on MyBuilder, don’t be afraid to ask for references from customers they’ve worked for previously. We also recommend you read our hiring advice before you choose a tradesperson.

What checks should I carry out?

We recommend you read our hiring advice before you decide who to hire as the type of checks you carry out will vary depending on the type of job you have posted.

Feedback gives an indication of a tradesperson’s track record and you should read previous customers’ reviews before choosing who to hire. If a tradesperson doesn’t have any feedback you can ask them for references from previous customers; most tradespeople will also have examples of previous work that they will be happy to share.

Is Liability Insurance important?

Public liability Insurance covers your property, or the property of a third party, in the event of damage caused by works. It does not cover poor workmanship. We recommend you verify a tradesperson’s policy covers everything you need before agreeing to any work.

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover for losses arising out of professional errors in design and/or specifications offered as part of the tradesperson’s service. This insurance is typically used by architects, designers, engineers, and design & build contractors and does not cover poor workmanship.

We recommend you verify a tradesperson’s policy covers everything you need before agreeing to any work.

Technical help

I'm not receiving your emails, what can I do?

There are a number of reasons you may not be receiving our emails. Email providers sometimes mark our emails as spam so take a look in your junk mail folder. If any of our messages are in there you should mark them as safe. To help stop this from happening in future you should add info@mybuilder.com and/or @mybuilder.com to your email address book. If you have done all of this and you are still having problems, get in touch and we will try to help you get the issue resolved.

Can I unsubscribe from emails and texts?

Yes you can. To unsubscribe from our marketing communications, log in and go to the Notifications section of your Account settings. It is important to note that deselecting the text option will prevent you from resetting your password by text message.

In order to get the most out of MyBuilder we need to send you email notifications about your job. If you no longer wish to receive these notifications, you will need to end your job listing.

How do I delete my account?

If you no longer need MyBuilder to find a tradesperson and want to delete your account, please get in touch.

You will no longer have access to the MyBuilder account and we cannot provide further support in relation to any aspect of your MyBuilder account.

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address in your Account settings. We will send a confirmation email to your old email address for verification. If you no longer have access to your the old email account, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

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