How much does it cost to lay a new patio?

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Keen to give your garden a new look? Laying a new patio is a great place to start. But what material should you choose? And how much will it cost? The average cost of laying a new patio is around £1,600. Our handy patio laying price guide talks you through the average patio installation cost as well as any extras to factor in. Note that prices are current as of 2024.

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Building a new patio can be a great way to extend your usable outside space, providing an area to socialise and entertain al fresco, away from damp grass and mud. There are a range of patio materials and styles to suit your home and your personal taste, from modern and hard-wearing concrete to traditional flagstones. In this article, we take a look at the average cost of a new patio so you can be fully clued-up on what’s involved.

We'll cover the following topics in this pricing guide:
  1. Average patio laying costs
  2. How long does it take to build a new patio?
  3. How to reduce patio installation costs
  4. FAQ
  5. Your new patio checklist

Average patio laying costs

Whether you want to install an affordable and practical concrete patio or you’re planning to push the boat out and choose flagstones or slate, there are certain additional patio construction costs to factor in. You might need to prepare the existing area, clearing structures or shrubs, or removing an existing patio or decking. You’ll also need to allow for the cost of removing any waste.

We’ve put together a handy table to help you calculate the cost to lay a patio per m²:

Patio Installation JobAverage Cost
Laying a concrete patio£60 to £90 per m²
Laying budget paving slabs£70 to £90 per m²
Installing a brick patio£70 to £100 per m²
Laying a stone patio£120 to £300 per m²
Laying a slate patio£100 to £300 per m²
Building a raised patio£80 to £250 per m²
Removing a patio£300 to £450
Patio repairUp to £300

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How much does patio labour cost?

The cost of labour for patio installation depends on where in the UK you live and whether you choose to work with a landscape gardener or a bricklayer. A landscape gardener typically charges an average of £250 a day, or approximately £30 per hour. A bricklayer may charge slightly more, approximately £270 a day on average or £40 per hour. Costs can be higher in London and the southeast.

Your patio installation specialist may also work with a general labourer to speed things up. In that case, you can expect to pay an extra £150 to £200 per day.

How long does it take to build a new patio?

We’ve looked at average costs, but how long does it take to install a new patio? Take a look at the table below to get an idea of the time required for some common patio installation and repair jobs.

WorkAverage Time Required
Installing a small patioTwo days
Installing a medium patioThree days
Installing a large patioFour days
Removing a patioOne day
Repairing a patioHalf a day to one day

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How to reduce patio installation costs

Investing in good quality materials and working with an experienced landscape gardener or builder are key to ensuring your patio lasts a long time, saving you money in repairs and maintenance. However, there are a few ways to cut down on the cost of building a new patio:

Choose an experienced and trustworthy tradesperson: The best way to ensure your new patio project stays within budget is to work with a reliable and professional landscape gardener or bricklayer who can source competitively priced materials and labour. Our hiring guide has handy tips on how to choose the best landscape gardener for your project.

Get a few quotes for comparison: you can save money on your new patio by shopping around and getting a few quotes to compare. When you post your job on MyBuilder, we’ll share it with hundreds of landscape gardeners in your area, so you’ve got a great chance of getting a quote that fits your budget.

Tackle the groundwork yourself: Removing your existing patio, decking or turf yourself reduces the cost of labour. However, bear in mind that concrete removal is labour intensive and might involve equipment hire. You also need to check if any utility lines run underneath the concrete to avoid damaging them.

Use second-hand materials: Using second-hand or reclaimed paving slabs or bricks can save you money on materials. They also look more weathered than new materials, so will blend more easily into your existing space. Your landscape gardener can help you to source reclaimed patio materials.

Source materials in the autumn or winter: Most people tend to think about building a new patio in spring or early summer, when materials and labour may cost more. You can save money by designing your patio, and buying the materials to build it, in autumn or winter when demand and prices are lower.


What’s the best material for a patio?

The type of patio material you should choose largely depends on your personal taste and priorities. While concrete is low-maintenance, affordable and durable, it might look a little too modern for some styles of home. Traditional stone slabs, on the other hand, are visually appealing but more expensive.

Do I need planning permission to build a new patio?

If the area you’re paving is under 25m², you don’t need planning permission to build a new patio. However, if it’s bigger than that and you’re using a non-permeable material like concrete or slate, you will need to obtain planning permission. This is because large areas of non-permeable paving can contribute to flooding.

If your garden is sloping and you need to carry out major embanking or terracing work to support the patio, you may also need to obtain planning permission. It’s best to check with your chosen landscape gardener for advice.

Also, be aware that if your home is listed, you will require listed building consent before starting work.

Can I lay a patio on top of an existing patio?

It is possible to lay a new patio on top of an old one as long as the old one is in good condition and clean, and the ground underneath has been properly excavated with a suitable hard sub-base already in place.

It may not be possible to guarantee the suitability of the ground underneath your existing patio, so your best bet is usually to remove it first before installing your new one.

Your new patio checklist

  • Decide what type of patio you want: Consider the style of your home and garden, as well as your own personal taste and preferences, to help you decide what patio material to use.
  • Do your homework: Shop around and get a few quotes for comparison before hiring someone for the job. MyBuilder’s network includes hundreds of landscape gardeners in your area, so you’ve got a great chance of getting a quote that fits your budget.
  • Choose the right time of year: It’s usually best to wait until spring or summer before building a new patio, as the ground is likely to be dry and the warm weather means materials can set more quickly. However, bear in mind that as is the most popular time to build a new patio, prices for labour may be higher.
  • Factor in extra costs: Don’t forget to include the cost of any equipment hire, waste removal or remedial gardening work that might be needed.
  • Speak to your neighbours: If you’re removing an old patio or building a new one, it’s worth informing your neighbours first, especially if it’s a raised patio that may affect their view, or if the work will be noisy or disruptive.
  • Check planning regulations: Speak to your landscape gardener or a planning consultant to check if you need to obtain permission for the work you have in mind.
  • Find a skilled and experienced landscape gardener: When you post your patio installation job on MyBuilder, we’ll only share it with skilled and reliable landscape gardeners in your area. You can also check reviews from other homeowners to make sure you’re 100% happy with your choice.
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