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Sewing / Craft / Spare Room

Lyn Watts


I'm an avid maker / creator and really needed a space dedicated to this. All my sewing and making stuff, including my sewing machine, were stuffed away under the stairs. This made finding things almost impossible when I wanted them.

After years of this I'd had enough! I finally got the empty spare room I needed and set about creating my own space.

In came a large desk for my sewing machine to live on so it was always out and ready for action.

Up went a large bookcase and a multitude of storage jars so everything could be organised, instantly viewable and easily choosable.

Small shelves were added to the outside end of the wardrobe and plastic bag dispensers to the inside wall for nick-nacks and odds and ends.

I made 2 storage things with compartments out of old drawers, wood, paint and wallpaper to place in a large chest of drawers so that all my zips and ribbons are contained and installed a large 3 drawer unit for more storage.

Finally I fitted a large peg board to the wall above the desk for all my sewing implements.

Overall I've ended up with a multi purpose room - spare room for when the grand children come to stay and customised sewing/craft space that is so organised that everything has a place, I know exactly where everything is and can craft away to my hearts content.

Neither intrude upon the other and I absolutely love finally having what I've wanted for a great many years!

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  • Lynsey 2 years ago

    So inventive and love the organised approach but still practical


  • Martin Stone 2 years ago

    So well thought out, functional, tidy and organised, brilliant!


  • Jodie Mcpherson 2 years ago

    It’s very neat & functional and a really good use of space



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