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MyRoom Award 2018

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Autism friendly family zone

Shaz khan


Living with autism is not easy and having a shared family space is even harder. So when my existing kitchen and living room could no longer bear the brunt of my ever so strong adult son who has a penchant for embracing walls, doors and windows with equal vigour, I decided to have done with it all. I chose to remove the utility room, toilet, thru lounge and kitchen walls and turn it into one big living space which was open, airy and light with panoramic doors and windows and a sliding door that also hid the storage cupboard quite aptly. The LED sensory lighting in the roof lanterns made the place an instant hit with my son who now enjoys chilling on the sofa under the multi sensory lighting with the remote changing colours at his whim. The integrated kitchen with 22mm units protect the appliances from any knocks or damage which was a huge issue before but now its all looking modern and cool with an autism friendly tinge to it the boys can now relax and eat together as a family which is great!

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  • Jeri 1 month ago

    I'm impressed with the way in which the owners have embraced designing and completing such a stylish room that addresses the needs of their entire family - beautiful and well done.


  • Darren 1 month ago

    I did some of the electrical works for this lady and her eye for detail was spot on and her son well I can tell you he is a big lad but he is one funny geezer..good luck hope she wins deserves it ... patience of a saint that woman :)


  • Jonathan 2 months ago

    Love the look!