MyRoom Award 2018

Have you designed or created something unusual, surprising or unique in your home? MyBuilder is searching for innovative, creative, inspiring or quirky uses of space in the homes of the UK.

Have you pimped up a room in your house, turned it into a palace for your pets, a haven for your hobby, or a magical play area for the kids? Show us how you have personalised your space in an unexpected way and you could win £1000!

Entries are open until 7th October 2018. The competition entries will be open to the public vote until the 14th October 2018, when the 20 entries with the most votes will be shortlisted. The final winner will be chosen by MyBuilder.

The overall winner will receive MyBuilder’s 2018 MyRoom Award and a cash prize of £1000.

Competition Terms & Conditions

How to enter

Tell us about your creation, what makes it different, how it was put together and what you use the space for. Remember, better explanations get more votes!

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