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Tile a new conservatory


We employed a company called ‘Scott McCarthy Tiling’ to carry out the leveling and tiling of a large recently built conservatory. The floor area was 5.75 meters x 5.45 meters. We had ordered the granite tiles ourselves but were experiencing problems with the availability of our original choice of Granite and could not get our second choice delivered on time for the scheduled work. Our tiler, Scot McCarthy recommended a different supplier who not only had plenty of stock but was able to deliver within a week and in good time for the planned work.
Scot carried out the work on several different days in July and August 2018 commencing with the leveling of a very uneven concrete floor. This was allowed to self-level and dry. He then tiled the floor using the tiles we had purchased. They were large tiles and quite heavy, at 60cm square and 12mm thick, they were hard work to lift. The floor had a surrounding step which also needed covering with the tiles and there were many cuts required. Scot laid the tiles in a very professional way, using plastic stays that link them together and prevent tiles from sinking into the tile adhesive. The floor and surrounding step was beautifully laid and the corners of the step beautifully angled and laid symmetrically. Lastly, the joins between the tiles were grouted with a dark ebony coloured, almost black grout which gave the whole floor a beautiful finish. Scot had no breakages and kept waste to a minimum. The floor was incredibly level and the tiles laid to their best effect. It was a thoroughly professional job, with which we were delighted. Levelness was really important as we had planned to install a snooker table. The cost was within our budget. Scot was always polite, hard-working and efficient and we were always consulted beforehand where necessary.

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Homeowner Ian Hender

Scott Mccarthy
Oundle Tiling Ltd

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  • Cat musvrove 1 year ago

    Done my kitchen floor it was so u level done great job


  • Hassan Abykhres 1 year ago

    I know what he’s capable of.


  • Abdulhaq 1 year ago

    The guy is amazing at what he does, in addition he is always polite and goes the extra mile. Couldn't find a better tiler if I tried


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