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Cat flap into double glazing door or window


Matthew went the extra mile for my daughter, myself and our new cat! He helped measure the not so pleased "moggy' as required per instructions in order to get the correct height for the door. Wide eyed as a long object (that she would have normally chased) was held to her underbelly to the floor, our cat,as the queen would say, 'was not amused...' After all, she was going to be losing her human door openers, so she didn't stand still. Matthew revisited to fit the panel and went on to replace a further two failed glazed units. He cleaned everything away and even cleaned the other windows, so all was left to a high standard. I would definitely recommend him for the extra mile tradesperson. To date, the cat still needs pushing through the door from both sides!

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Homeowner Cindy Vernon

Matthew Spencer
M.D.S Joinery & Glazing

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  • Julie 1 year ago

    Great to hear that there is genuine trustworthy people out there. Local tradesman to


  • Philip Brownhill 1 year ago

    always a pleasure to endorse excellent practice


  • Laura 1 year ago

    It's a funny entry, and made me think the tradesperson will go the extra mile to make sure the job is a success. Great advertising


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