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Hole in roof felt in loft internal causing leak


Upon identifying a wet patch on the bedroom ceiling and investigating in the loft, we found several holes in the felt and a wet area in the loft. Severe condensation had also been forming in the loft area for some time. I contacted Steve Cope via MyBuilder on a Sunday afternoon as soon as we noticed the issue. On this particular day we sustained heavy snow. Steve Cope responded immediately advising he would visit the following morning at 7.45am to acccommodate my work commitments.

Despite further heavy snow and inclement weather conditions, Steve and his colleague attended our property to investigate. Steve immediately identified that we would benefit from roof vent tiles to help to improve ventilation and alleviate the condensation problem. Steve also advised that Scope Roofing would look at the felt situation as would need to get onto the roof to verify if there were any cracked tiles.

Within 3 days Steve and his team returned and fitted the roof vent tiles...removed a cracked tile which was replaced which was the catalyst to the leak and refitted an area of felt.

Steve and his team visited in between dealing with another job...and were nothing but professional. Scope Roofing clearly take pride in their workmanship, proved that they are reliable and there was no pressure to pay until the job was finished ...even then there was still no pressure to pay until we were ready to pay. Impeccable service all round. The
condensation issue has significantly improved and no more wet patches.

I would not hesitate to use Scope Roofing again. The fact they ventured in inclement weather conditions to initially investigate demonstrates their work ethic and that they value their customers. Great bunch of guys with Steve Cope as the owner demonstrating his commitment to his customers. Scope Roofing in my view are nothing but trustworthy, reliable and professional and deserve to win Job of the year!!

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Homeowner Lisa Martin

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