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Wooden floor fitting for 3 rooms home Romford


Wow what can I say! Connor is like a professor of wood! He is fantastic, knowledgeable and very experienced at his trade We are really impressed with the work that Connor did. He put solid oak wood flooring in our home to replace our carpet which had seen better days. Our 4 year old daughter also has skin allergies so we thought a change would help. We almost didn't buy the solid oak wood and thought we would have to have laminate due to cost.

We got really good advice from Connor about purchasing the wood, we are really grateful.

Every step of the way Connor always gave us tips to help with our tiny budget. No request was to small. He gave us advice on the accessories and went to the store with us when we brought the beading.

He showed up every day not just on time but early. We went for 2 types of solid oak wood, chocolate for up stairs and a lighter wood for downstairs. Once again Connor's advice was key. If we had gone with what we intended the floor downstairs would have been too dark and the house would have looked more like a cave, as the house has very low ceilings and is a cottage style house. We followed his advice and went for a lighter shade. We are pleased that this has brought a lot more light to the room downstairs.

When the floor boards where lifted up there were lots of challenges which Connor overcame. There was one patch of floor in the living room which was uneven. It had always squeaked for years when we walked on it and the ground slightly lifted on the other side of the room. It had a weird seesaw effect. Connor used concrete to even the floor. We have not heard a single sound since and the seesaw effect has completely gone. Connor is such a perfectionist that he was not happy until we were COMPLETELY happy with the work.

Connor gave us lots of tips on after care. Even after the job was completed he didn't mind to answer a couple of questions I had about what floor protection products were best. A week after the job was completed he helped us order the wood protection and even delivered it to us in person.

I am soooo happy with the wooden flooring. It has truly enhanced our home and improved the quality of life of my 4 year old who suffers from eczema. We get lots of compliments in particular about the finish of the work. Each morning when I wake up I am happy when I see the flooring.

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