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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Board up cupboard door, re-open new door, plastering


Sergii is a great guy, simple as that - the best kind of handyman you can imagine. He brought us pizza made by his wife, remembered items we needed and bought them for us to save us time going to the shops, taught us a bunch of really useful DIY techniques, was impeccable around the house, shared interesting things about his life and his enthusiasm ideas for his further training such as advanced decorative plastering, found practical solutions for our various problems, was so committed to high quality that I (a total perfectionist) felt delighted with the results and could really relax about it all, helped us with extra issues around the house for free, worked until 11pm when necessary, and charged what felt like a rather modest amount for his excellent work. I wanted to pay him MORE (imagine that?!). All while on a rather 'un-flashy' job like this. I think it would be great if a nice handyman like Sergii wins an award. Finding excellent trades people like Sergii, even for small jobs, is exactly what MyBuilder is for.

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Homeowner Ellin Saunders

Sergii Vykhrystiuk
Serg Maintenance

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