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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Driveway repairs, mine and my neighbour's


Through good marketing, competitive pricing and a high quality professional pitch, Joe won the jobs for redoing the drives for myself and also two neighbours. Because of his good pitch, we all decided to get our drives done at the same time.
The jobs were all located on a single lane cul-de-sac, with parking limited to individual properties, no on-street parking available, so parking and deliveries were a challenge.
Joe provided professional and realistic plans and quotes, although each job had a different challenge, mine was on a shared drive with a non-participating neighbour. Job 2 on the opposite side of the road had a non-participating neighbour's non-functioning car parked on it. Job 3 was a drive adjoining a walkway shared with an elderly non-participating neighbour who gets very anxious and routinely complains and calls the authorities about any renovations done by any neighbours.
I was out of the country when he finished my driveway. I had to leave my car on the driveway while I was away.

Each driveway had different plans, designs and requirements.

Joe arranged the schedule of works so that each job would dovetail with the next, so that there was always space for the rubble, space for his van, and collections and deliveries were scheduled with no disruptions for the other residents in the street.
His workmen physically lifted and moved the non-functioning car onto the owning neighbour's property, having gained his consent.
He arranged with the Job 3 neighbour (who had my car keys while I was away) to move my car when necessary, and worked around it.
He completed my drive, merging it seamlessly into the shared drive, creating a lovely garden area and installing a fence.
He completed Job 2, having moved the non-functioning car, and creating a design which was different to mine, and which looked smart and stylish.
He completed Job 3, again a different design which also looks stylish and elegant, while dealing with the challenging neighbour and reassuring her gently but clearly. He installed specially curved edging around job 3, to address the elderly neighbour's concerns about a trip risk on a 1.5cm edge.
He emailed photos to me while I was away, to show the progress and completed driveway.He sourced a decent strong manhole cover to replace my weak and dented existing cover. He rebuilt my crumbling drain surround at no extra cost.

He edged each driveway beautifully and elegantly, and the jobs were completed on time and with no problems or hassles or changes in price.
His team were extremely polite, grateful for every cup of tea, never rude or obstructive. If they saw anything that needed doing, they got on with it, even when it wan't their paid job.

We have all had endless compliments from all the neighbours in the street, in fact even friends of our non-participating neighbours (who we didn't know) have called round to tell us how good they think our drives look. They all comment on how it has improved the street. The elderly neighbour has commented that it looks good too!
I have never had a workman who did such a good job, on schedule, on price, without finding a glitch that needed fixing at an increased price and delivered such an excellent standard of work, let alone running 3 concurrent jobs at once with no hitch or inconvenience to any of the customers or neighbours. Any unexpected problems that occurred, Joe and his team sorted them and didn't add anything onto the charge for any of us.
I think he deserves job of the year!

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