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finish fitting a new kitchen


I phoned Paul with he problems I had and with in the week he had come round introduced himself looked at the work required, gave me a verbal cost of the job and time it would take also when he would be able to "fit me in"
job was not an easy one for any trades person as I had already fitted the units but was not confident enough to fit the finishing panels or the worktops
well the day came and at 8.30 a knock on the door and Paul got to work I had had a few days off to assist in any way. Paul told me where he would start and what he was going to do. he hit a few obstacles. but informed me and also gave me options on how to overcome them. the sheer weight of the work tops proved a huge problem, but he got on with it chuntering under his breath, arguing with himself which I soon got used to and quite enjoyed. the kitchen. I had had bad experiences with the kitchen supply the quality was not what I expected but Paul overcame these problems and by he end of day three we had a kitchen that anyone would be proud of a dream kitchen a show kitchen but most of all a kitchen that looked well built well finished and one that was useable. Paul had gone beyond all expectations with his work, the way he face the problems and overcame them was like I had
not seen before, any request was never too much every day was a pleasure his enthusiasm for his work was second to none. proof of his work is that I've not had to call on him to adjust or put anything right that could have gone wrong and there were loads that had the potential of failing a mark of a true professional is all I would like to say. I still speak to about him to this day people come round to see the kitchen and comment on how lovely it is . this is all Pauls work I tell them proudly

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Homeowner Steve Newton

Paul Whitehouse
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