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Wood Burning Stove Installation

Forest Gate 

Ross saved the day last year when he managed against all odds to install our miniature wood burning stove...
From start to finish problems were thrown up - but nothing was too difficult for Ross who rose to each and every challenge!
Last year my husband and I were nearing the end of a live-in 2 year long renovation. We had been looking for a home in London for months, and after viewing far too many pokey 1-bed flats we booked a wildcard appointment to view a tired 5 bed victorian terrace in Stratford in need of MUCH modernisation. Immediately after the viewing we put an offer in and spent the next 2 years pulling down and re-building it!
When we called Ross to install an open fire we were so excited to finally be at the "decorating" stage, so we were very sad to hear that due to the builders removing our structural hearths and installing the underfloor heating right up to the old fireplaces - an open fire would be very tricky :(
To ad to our disappointment we had been told by every other tradesman who had come to quote that as we wanted to retain the only original feature in the house (our Victorian tiled + cast iron fireplace) a wood burning stove was off the table too. They had said there were no stoves on the market small enough and with flues connections in the right location to fit into our fireplace without ripping it out.
However Ross had an idea! He knew of an extremely small stove (aptly named the Hobbit) which he was confident he could install whilst retaining our lovely fireplace.
The first thing was to remove the old slate mantlepiece which he managed to keep in tact so that we could sell it on to help with the cost. He then managed to remove both cast iron + tiled fireplaces without damaging or cracking any of the lovely tiles. He lent us his ladders to complete some of our own building work, and generally went above and beyond adding on tasks here and there to complete the job. I changed my mind halfway through (at around 9pm in the evening if I recall correctly!) and asked him to replace both of the mantlepieces so that they matched again which he started on the following day with no complaints... and he managed to get the Hobbit in with room to spare!
However the final and largest hurdle arose when after around 3 hours of trying to install the flue we came to the conclusion that our chimney had been blocked during the building work - I was so distraught!
Ross however was not... he was calm and pro-active, and after another hour of investigative banging and poking (with his brilliant colleague up on the roof the whole time) we actually ended up making a hold in the upstairs bedroom wall and were able to pull out around 10 house bricks that had mysteriously found their way into the chimney!
Celebration ensued... and to cap it all off when we lit the Hobbit for the first time what should be on the TV but Lord of the Rings!!
Ann all round epic adventure (no gold rings rings involved) that I would go on again with Ross and his brilliant team :)
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