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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Fixing bent fence


A brilliant job BUILDING A NEW FENCE WITHIN 2 HOURS due to the urgency. The old panel fell off due to strong winds a day before we were travelling. We were leaving the next day for a month of holidays so this needed urgent looking into. Stephen responded to my urgent query immediately and offered to come have a look and give a quote. But after he realised how urgent it was, he agreed to fix the new panels and posts the same day. He purchased new posts/panels quickly and voila!, we had not just a new, but a sturdy fence up within 2 hours! The panels are fixed so well, don’t think we’ll have to bother with it for a while. So thankful and grateful to Stephen and team for a job well done and coming to the rescue in time!

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Homeowner Sambi

Stephen Chick
Kingswood Fencing

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