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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Fix 2 broken doors and a frame


An exceptional job is done when one goes the extra mile, showing humanity, humility and placing the customer first! Anyone can be skilled, but these qualities make a real difference! That was my experience with Daniel. Two of my tenants had a fight and broke two doors and the frame of one of the doors. One of them left the same day, obviously not returning the key. My partner was away that week when this happened and I was quite scared and worried about going to the house. I posted the job on mybuilder and I was lucky for Daniel to respond to it. We met at the property in the evening, not exactly normal working hours, and he was able to fix all that was broken and was very patient as I went twice to screwfix (so lucky I had one relatively close that was open late) to get him varios bits he needed and a new lock, which he changed for FREE. He stayed as late as it was needed to finish the job and I felt reassured that the house was safe! Thank you, Daniel, you deserve the nomination and to win. Good luck!

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Homeowner Tanya Miteva

Daniel Vintan

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