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Replacing defective Gainsborough Electric Shower


This was meant to be a straightforward replacement of one defective power shower for a new one. Tony was very thorough right at the start, wanting to see the old power shower for himself, to check power ratings, etc. In the process of disconnecting the old shower, Tony had difficulty in shutting off the gravity water feed because of THREE leaking valves in the airing cupboard, the main stop tap to the tanks in the loft that feeds the heating and hot water, and both service valves supplying hot and cold water to the power shower units. Tony had to turn off the water supply to the house and drain the system. He then had to go to a plumbing centre 5 miles away to get new valves. Once the new valves were fitted, Tony had to turn the water supply back on at the mains and check the whole system for leaks and/or airlocks. Another nice thing he did was suggest we used the new showerhead but NOT change the riser as this would have required new holes to be drilled and these would have been visible, spoiling the look. Tony had definitely gone above and beyond the call of duty! He had not counted on all this extra work and he never charged me for it either. He had provided the most competitive quote and had only asked that I paid him the price he had quoted me for the job, he never charged for all the extra work and running around he had to do. He did ask for feedback on the MyBuilder site which I was VERY happy to do...

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