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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Plastering lime/horsehair rough type plaster


Frank made a perfect job, even more perfect, by coming back without delay to rectify things. It's plaster, in an ancient thatched property; and it dried out, hence the need to repair an area of cracked and damaged plaster. Frank came out over some distance to spec the job. he came back on time to undertake the job; and made a perfect finish. Then the environment took over; and with the heating on the plaster dried beautifully, only through no fault of Frank's, dried out and shrank just a little too much, so the repair became only slightly perceptible. No worries, back out came Frank; and rectified the pesky shrinkage; and no charge, no quibble, no sighs; and no renegotiation. A very fair price for an excellent job. If I ever need plastering I know where to go, if I need any other trades, I know where to go.... My

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Homeowner Chris Bass

Frank Fowles
Frank Fowles Plastering

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