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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Rewire boiler to hive system.


[Photos used contain a mixture of Before + After]

3 weeks before advertising the job above on 'My Builder' I had made a big mistake of hiring a non rated builder, found through a friend to perform a number of works to my kitchen and bathroom, the biggest of which was to convert the old heating system, removing the 20+ year old boiler, replacing with a new combination boiler.

The quality of their work was terrible and very costly.

When I posted the job to above to "my Builder' I was upset and vulnerable.

Mark literally came to rescue and immediately became that person that I could trust to turn my situation around. The difference between Marks attitude and professionalism was a 'night and day ' from that of the previous builder whom I had employed.

I wish to nominate Mark for the following reasons.

1. Mark fixed some dangerous and broken wiring left by the previous builder and completed a 'Part-P' inspection and certificate for my entire flat. We initially met on the Friday afternoon when we agreed on the job, he stayed all of Friday, made a list of all the jobs that needed doing which included a diverse range of skills.

2. The very next morning, on the Saturday, Mark was back with 3 other quality tradespeople including a heating engineer, a tiler, and carpenter.

Clearly Mark is more than an electrician.
I am very grateful to Mark as he essentially project managed the remediation work required to my property to address the unfinished / sub-standard work left by the previous builder.

By the time that Mark and his team had finished on both Saturday + Sunday, the following work was completed to a very high standard, leaving me happy and very relieved indeed.

The following jobs needed completing, which resulted from my previous builders lack of skill, ability, quality and trustworthiness.

1.) Heating controls were purchased and installed + I was shown how to work them.

2.) Extremely amateur / sloppy tiling around the newly installed boiler had been removed and completely redone to a tidy professional standard.

3.) Dangerous wiring around the old boiler control unit had been removed and made safe. 2 Junction boxes and controller units had been relocated from the kitchen wall where they stuck out and looked ugly, had been relocated to under the kitchen units where they were out of sight, but easily accessible.

4. All electrics, including a newly non-compliant installed shaving charger in the bathroom had been made safe, were inspected and a Part-P certificate issued.

Both Mark and the other tradesmen that Mark organised for me completed these jobs over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a very reasonable price.

I will never ever ever use a tradesman that does not have a presence on 'My Builder.' For the following reasons.

1. All the jobs above were explained to me in a professional manner.
All costs were made transparent and options were explained so that I knew where I stood at all times.

2. Mark did not itemise each little thing, like the previous builder did.
Mark made it clear that I was paying for his time. Mark was prepared to crack on and tackle each of the issues that I wanted addressing in that time.

3. Mark was friendly, polite, knowledgable, professional and had a key quality that is so very hard to find in London, TRUSTWORTHY. I would not have found Mark any other way, than on 'MyBuilder'

If and when I next need a tradesman I will find them on 'MyBuilder.'

Now I know what 'good looks like' I will never again pay good money for sloppy work from anyone.

The feedback / ratings system on the MyBuilder site is so powerful, it is the only thing a layperson like myself can rely on when trying to find quality people in what is a non regulated minefield, where cowboys sadly do exist and exploit those who don't know better.

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