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Bathroom refit


Mick put on shoe covers for a start! When he and his son Josh arrived to look at the job that simple gesture was a positive start for me as I've had trades people who don't even attempt to wipe their feet when entering my house!
The job was a complete refit of m bathroom caused by my own lack of attention to failing grout on my shower wall. This caused damage to my kitchen ceiling below and rotted the plaster board behind and some skirting on the landing. When I asked if Mick he knew anyone who could do the ceiling and skirting jobs he made a 2nd positive statement by advising he could do the lot.
The job started and Mick did something else that no other tradesman has done on previous jobs I've had and that was to stop and call out when he saw things were not right. This was no fault of Mick's I must add. The tiles I purchased came with the seller's recommended adhesive but Mick, through his experience, knew things weren't right after fixing the first few tiles. The adhesive had soaked through and fundamentally changed the appearance of the tile. Several calls and trips to the seller resulted in a need to let the tiles "dry out". I wasn't convinced and neither was Mick. 3 days later and no change. The seller agreed to a refund on the full price and Mick offered do to return and pick up new tiles. Positive point 4! It took me 2-3 days to source new tiles although Mick had said he would make completion of my job a priority as I was now a week without a bathroom. Positive point 5. True to his word, Mick was back the day after I bought my new tiles and the job was completed shortly after. My refitted suite, new underfloor heating, new floor tiles and complete wall tile job resulted In a superb new bathroom and a new contact in my phone! Further to this, the skirting damage on the landing was expertly cut out and replaced whilst the kitchen ceiling damage is also an issue of the past. I was so impressed by Mick (and his son Josh's) work that I asked if they could tile my kitchen. They did it the next week! What positive point number is that? Suffice to say I would adovocate Mick as a worthy nomination for this prize.

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