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pub refurb


I went to derby to go measure up the pub for fitting of new carpets. after finding out job needed to be completed in 2 days and was too big for me to handle myself, i contacted mark and he was interested in helping me, he spent the 1st day prepping the job for us both as i couldnt get down there as i had other work then the 2nd day we met and we both stayed late like 17hrs in total to get job done. Mark showed his expertise on the job with joining 4 carpets together in 1 room the 3 in another room and got the pattern straight with it being a tartan wilton, we have never worked together but i was very impressed with his work and i highly reccommend him as we bounced off each other and got on well and even though we live 100miles apart we gained a friendship and still keep in touch

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Homeowner Mathew Bagley

Mark Humphreys
MH carpets cushion floor

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