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Toilet Cistern Leak

South Croydon 

James Collins quoted a very reasonable £50 to £60 price, including parts, to repair a leaking, 40 year old, Standard Close Coupled toilet cistern. Unfortunately, on inspection, James pointed out that trying to separate the porcelain cistern and pan might result in damage due to the severely rusted and inaccessible coupling bolts. I agreed that he should attempt separation of the cistern by force and this did result in the pan cracking.

As this was our only available toilet on site James agreed to fit a new toilet of our choice immediately. On his recommendation, we contacted Screwfix on-line and purchased a toilet with waste adapter. James collected the new toilet from the supplier and dismantled the old unit before altering the plumbing to accept the new toilet. This involved cutting and rerouting the rising main input together with fitting a new stop valve and flexible pipe. The old toilet had been cemented onto the soil pipe and so this had to be prepared to accept the new units modern flexible adapter. Also, the floor where the old toilet had stood had been surfaced with marine plywood in preparation for fixing new flooring in the near future. Removing the old toilet had therefore left the outline of its base, which was considerably larger and more forward than required for the new unit. To locate the new toilet at the same height of the plywood flooring, James cut a wood section of the same thickness to cover the base hole left by the old toilet and bring the height of the new pan base level with the rest of the floor.

All this work, including collection of the new toilet from the supplier, took around three hours (plus his journey to and from the site of course). James insisted that he would only charge the higher side of his original quote - £60. He also took the very bulky and heavy old Cistern & Pan for disposal and did not charge for the additional parts used to reroute the rising main!

I am retired and used the MyBuilder site in the hope of finding a reliable and reasonably priced plumber – particularly as past experiences have not been good to be honest. I couldn’t be more satisfied with the exceptional and unscheduled work James carried out, regardless of the fact that he did so for a price quoted for a much smaller job.

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James Collins
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