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Decorating baby bedroom


My daughter arrived a month early, on boxing day, so we hadn't really got round to decorating her nursery before she was born. By the time she was 9 months old it felt like we should do something about that!

Both my partner and I make wildlife films and love the sea so we went together to buy a couple of stickers of fish to stick on the wall.

Then my partner went away on a filming trip for a couple of months leaving me to over see it being painted blue. I looked on mybuilder and found a guy called Omid from Express Painters and Decorators and thought Id get a quote!

Omid came round one evening after work....I showed him the room (and the baby) and the stickers we had bought.....'yes' he said. 'He could paint it blue....but maybe instead of the stickers he could draw something'
I asked if he could draw and he said 'a bit'. He had had to move here from Persia a few years ago. There, he had been an artist...but when he came to the UK, painting and decorating seemed like a more stable trade.
I was very excited......I wanted it to look like the room was under the sea and so a few drawings on a wall would be ace! So with my parter out on the real sea filming real fish, I sketched my dream wall ! a whale, a jellyfish and a couple of clown fish.
I REALLY cant draw. I have to storyboard my filming shoots sometimes, and Ive had one cameraman ask why I had drawn a picture of mary and joseph (when it was meant to be a stick insect)
Omid looked at it and very kindly tried to translate what I was trying to say...we chatted for a while and then he said ' just trust me'
I went to the shops, bought 2 pots of paint and some testers...and the next day he started....
Omid is lovely. My daughter loved him and he was quick, efficient but the most amazing thing was his vision for the room...he took what I wanted and made it his own and amazing! He only took a few days and each day I came home from work and saw the room octopus, a whale, some clown fish and lots and lots of detail. its only a small room, and it works brilliantly! The day it was finished I watched Blue Planet II with my baby and then took her up to her new room...look! Fish! Now each morning we walk round the room and she points out to me the fish,the sea horse, the crab....she loves it and so do we!
Omid was brilliant, what a talent and such a lovely man. It will be a few years before we can take our daughter with us snorkling (we live in the centre of bristol!)...but until then she has a dream 'blue planet' room!

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Omid Azin
Express Painters & Decorators

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