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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Full bathroom refit


Darren is and Angel in overalls. For a start of he fully discussed the project with me on equal standing - a few I got to quote treated me like "she knows nothing, baffle her with science". Darren was always friendly and approachable and when I said I had been let down by a plasterer for my ceilings he got in a tradesman for me who did an excellent job at what was quite short notice. The window installers had botched a bricking up of part of the bathroom window area - using plasterboard and frame internally - Darren ripped it out and put blocks in to make it sturdy and insulated for the shower to go on. Darren made sure every evening that I was satisfied with the work so far, explained what he'd done and what was next, and gave me his private number in case of any problem over night/the weekend. Darren also got another tradesman in to alter the doors in my house as the floor laying contractors made such a mess of one I told them to leave. Again the person he called in - 4 days before Christmas! - did a great job at a good price. And to top all that, he knew my mum was very ill (after we were chatting one day) and offered dog sitting services etc should I need to bolt the 200 miles to see her - over Christmas. So on top of excellent work - which I show off at every opportunity - and bearing in mind that I'd never met Darren until this job - he has now become a family friend and the first person I call for advice on the major works.

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Homeowner Suzan Roberts-Skeats

Darren Green
Attica Bathing

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