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Urgent help with kitchen fitting


We put a request on MyBuilder for help with fitting our kitchen. We had to get the base units in by the Friday as we had a guy booked to come and cut and fit our worktops - and that was his only free day for months. We tried fitting the kitchen ourselves but by Wednesday it became very apparent that we were not going to be ready (thanks to our old house with wonky floors and walls we hadn't fitted a single unit!)

We put the request out on the Wednesday for help to fit the base units only - we figured the rest wasn't urgent. Nathan came straight back and offered us his time on the Thursday (the next day) - for him and his labourer Ian - at a very reasonable rate.

The speed and accuracy at which Nathan and Ian worked was astonishing (despite our wonky house!) and before long all the base units were in. We assured them that this was help enough and they could finish if they wanted but they powered through - staying till gone 6:30. By this time they had fitted almost the entire kitchen in one day, with only decorative cornicing and handles to finish. We were amazed!

At that point they could very happily have packed up their tools and been on their way having already done exactly what we wanted and more - but they didn't. Not wanting to leave the job unfinished - and despite the fact that the Friday was Good Friday and they had planned to have some time off - they insisted on coming back in the morning and did not ask for another penny from us to do so.

As promised they arrived early on the Friday and finished up within a couple of hours and with our worktops fitted later that day we had a finished kitchen all within two days! The quality of Nathan and Ian's work was brilliant; the high level of craftsmanship was clear to see, Nathan really knew his stuff and overcame every challenge that we and the house threw at him.

In addition to working their backsides off Nathan and Ian were genuninely great guys; friendly, tidy and a pleasure to work with. We wouldn't hesitate to use their services again or recommend them, for us they definitely deserve job of the year.

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Homeowner Viki Jennings

Nathan Wiggins
NW Installations

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