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Paint and Decorate for a full house rebuild


My 4 bed semi detached house rebuild was well over budget and over schedule, but of a greater concern was that my wife was about to give birth to our second child. I rang David and told him of my predicament, and that I did not have the house ready for the arrival of number 2. He came over that day to see what needed doing. I had already had 2 other quotes which were in excess of a weeks work and very expensive.
Fast forward 48 hours and my wife was in labour, and whilst I was repairing the skin on my forearms and hands which had been removed by my wife, David had mobilised his whole team to descend onto the house and completely transformed the interior. They arrived before 7 and worked tirelessly until gone 8pm, where the team of 4 looked exhausted when I arrived home. Mother and baby remained in hospital for a night, which gave me a chance to review the standard. To this day I have been unable to find any fault in their work - it is clean, smart and tidy, and the price was incredibly good. So much so that I offered a healthy tip on completion. I can’t thank these guys enough, and it was through their hard work and attention to detail that we were able to start our new family life in a property which was finally fit for purpose. Thank you.

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Homeowner Nick Sharpe

David Wenborn
PINTURA Decorating

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