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Wallpapering and painting

Melton Mowbray 

Our house is a decorator’s nightmare!Built about 1860, it has no straight walls or ceilings.Jake has now restored,papered and painted several rooms.He transformed the yellow wall from a rough plasterboard surface to the smooth result shown above.The other two photos show the result of his efforts on walls that needed careful restoration and lining before papering or painting.
From start to finish I was pleased with his work:-
*He gave fair estimates and stuck to them.
*He arrived promptly.
*He caused minimum disruption and cleared away and vacuumed each day.
* He listened to my ideas.
*His preparative work was very thorough.
*He did a great job.
Jean W. Leicester 2017

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Homeowner Jean Widdowson

Jake Lister
J Dec

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