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Removal of my half of chimney stack and breast in loft


I'm generally very wary of employing anyone to do work on my property, and in many instances do the work myself because I am pretty handy and resourceful. However, my chimney stack was something that, although possible to do, involved quite a bit of knowledge and expertise because it impacted on my neighbour and I wanted to do it without causing problems due to trying it myself. Having arranged a structural report that confirmed removal of my side of a shared chimney was the best course of action, I posted the job on Mybuilder as it is a well-known and reliable means of getting in contact with suitable tradesmen, in my opinion. I received 3 quotes and Peter's was the cheapest. Apart from the price, he turned up in good time for the inspection and gave a thorough rundown of the work involved. I genuinely liked him, which helps. We kept in touch by phone and text and the work started at a mutually convenient date.
The work took a few days and Peter's firm did the work effectively and with little fuss. The chimney stack on my neighbour's side was reduced in height by a considerable extent, with the neighbour's permission. Peter regularly advised me on the progress and we had some friendly chats.
When the work was done, I was relieved and impressed because I wanted it done to a good standard and also to keep my neighbour happy. In both cases, my worries were blown away.
I paid Peter at the end of the job, and he even came round on the day the scaffolding was removed because some tiles had been accidentally damaged by the scaffolding firm when placing the scaffolding ( I'm sure it happens alot and is sometimes unavoidable ), and I preferred it if he could check and replace them rather than leave it to the scaffolders to do, as I wanted to bring final closure on the job so I could move on to other things in my life ( as we all do ). I'm sure the scaffolders would have done it fine, but Peter said he would happily do it if I preferred ( I did ). The rubble and mess was cleared without fuss, as well.
So, in summary, Peter offered a good quote, did a great job removing and making good the chimney stack and roof section affected, kept me informed, charged me exactly the quote amount and is now a trusted addition to my list of tradesmen I trust if I ever need work done beyond my own capabilities. On top of that, he was friendly and treated me with respect.
What more could one want?
Thanks, Peter.

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