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Stripping wallpaper, lining, painting


Gareth gave a fixed price for this job, but on stripping the wallpaper he realised how many cracks were exposed and what a dreadful state the walls and ceiling were in. The house had not been professionally decorated for 30 years. Single handedly, he worked tirelessly late evenings and over the weekends to finish the job on time and in budget. The walls were finished so beautifully that they looked as if they had been re-plastered. Gareth recommended that they did not need re-papering, and I insisted at first, but for the final room he put his foot down and painted the walls. He was right, that room looks so much better than the others. The finish was phenomenal. For no extra charge he also came back three weeks later to paint the metal window frames as I had not left time for the glass putty to dry. Gareth also runs a charitable boxing club. I will donate my winnings to his club if he wins. This man is an absolute star.

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Homeowner Hazel Hayes

Gareth Russell
G Russells Decorating

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