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Paving Stone and Driveway blocks


The doorstep of which I speak, looked a bit shambled, it even rocked under our feet.
My husband thus spoke with vigor, ‘either fix the porch or find somewhere else to sleep.’
With task in hand, but no direction of travel, I headed to Wickes where I both pleaded and gravelled.
‘I know not hot cement to make, and how does one cut this stone, and is it real or fake’?
The young lad peered up at me as if to say, ‘you are more clueless than Donald Trump on even a good hair day’.
‘What you need, if I might advise, is ‘my’ on your side’.
With trepidation I did write, as I worried I’d be a sucker for some builder and his expensive wife.
Or maybe my post would sit, abandoned and fallow, as my job was small, and there would be great distance to travel.
Yet to my surprise, and with great delight, Lewis Hamilton rode in like a cementing Knight (note I avoided race car analogies).
He sleighed the old blocks, and cemented into place, sandstone of varying colors and shapes.
He performed the task with audacious speed, and quoted a price that was exact and felt right.
That night all my neighbours looked to me with awe, unaware that it was him and not me who used the saw.
As for my husband, he won’t fully admit it, but I think even he is somewhat delighted.
Now, although his list of house fixes is still long and I am not always compliant, I now know that with he can at least temporarily be silenced.
So my advice to all those whose marriage is rocky, fix up your stoop, and watch as your bedroom becomes more ignited.

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