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Job of the Year 2018 - COMPETITION CLOSED

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Carpet fittings

Wood Green 

Mr John
Has done an outstanding job the carpet was old and marked and after been over a year folded and neglected.
Mr John has done everything for the carpet be fitted accordanlly to suit the room. I was informed through out the job and given advice how to look after the carpet to keep suitable in the room for the longest possible. I have noticed his professional care to ensure that the job was done successfully at high standards. And provide information that upon completion of the jobt the carpet would not become an issue. He also has apologised for marks on the wall that was done by the dirty carpet and nothing to do with the effectiveness of his job. The first communication that we had he was practical, professional and set an affordable price. Since I was aware of prior quotes. The room was left tight and he has caused no kind of disturbance when performing the job. I would have no doubt to request his work again. Since he turn an old carpet into a suitable flooring.

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Homeowner Dilva andersen

John Cronin

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